The simple answer is that there is no simple answer because it will depend on many personal factors, the most relevant being the stage of your life you are about to enter.

The need for more room, the desire to make better use of your space, or simply to modernise are all typical reasons to renovate.

So, should you renovate or sell up and find something ready made?


The cost of moving has been calculated at a minimum of $30000 of dead money. This money spent on real estate agents fees, stamp duty on the purchase, solicitors and removalists for which you get no return could go a long way towards achieving your dream home.  If you like where you live then don’t move and find you suddenly have the neighbours who love to party, the kids hate the new school and the commute to work just isn’t as quick as you thought.

Renovating is about making sensible informed decisions about your lifestyle, your budget and its about keeping your expectations real. Choosing the right builder will make a world of difference to your renovating experience so don’t hesitate any longer in a home that you have outgrown

We offer personalised obligation free consultations to discuss your possibilities and limitations, explain the process ahead and get you on track from the start

Talk direct to the builder, call us today and get started on improving your lifestyle.

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